“Books are ships which pass through the vast sea of time”, Sir Francis Bacon, the great philosopher born in the heart of London, was once saying. Just like books, people are passing through the vast sea of time, and once in a while, here and there, they meet.

We started selling books online for the Romanians in United Kingdom since 2014. It is a path that no one has travelled before.

Not long after, we realized that Romanians living in United Kingdom are facing a cultural barrier. They cannot find books written in Romanian language. There were none, neither in bookshops, nor in local libraries. That's how we came up with the idea of ​​setting up this online bookstore. We want to share with other people what we have most dear, the books. We know we won’t be alone, that others will join us, and Romanian culture will grow roots here too, so far away from home. For us, this Romanian bookshop, so many miles away from our home country is more than just a bookshop, it is a bridge between us and what we left behind, at “home”: it is childhood, family, culture.

We started online, and within a year we had a place where clients could come and read a book and where they could buy directly from the shop, like in any other bookshop.

If for the first two years we exclusively addressed the Romanians in United Kingdom, from 2016 we’ve decided to make a big step beyond the border. So we started deliveries in other 26 European countries.

We also changed our website’s platform. The old platform could not handle the on growing requests. This new platform offers our clients a much more pleasant virtual experience when browsing through the website for their favorite books. Moreover, it takes less time when submitting orders, so people save time. For orders we’ve added new payment methods, delivery fees have been significantly reduced and we’ve also added a version in English language.

We have contracts with some of the most important publishing houses in Romania, and the book supply of cartiromanesti.co.uk becomes more and more diverse. You can find books from world literature and the Romanian classics, cooking books and dictionaries, children books and spelling books, parenting books, personal development books, romance books, magazines and calendars, biographies and memoirs, journalism and essays. All of them in Romanian language, at the lowest prices.

Our great scholar Nicolae Iorga was saying: «A book is a support, a solace, an impulse. Some books you owe as you owe your best teacher. Even more, some teach you as much as your own parents… But then, we must be selective in our reading».

Take your pick. For solace, for support, for impulse.


An excellent idea. I recommend this bookshop to all Romanian book lovers, especially to parents who are inspiring the love for Romanian Literature to their children

Eddie Tippa

I'm glad that you exist ! Excellent, prompt and efficient service. The book was well packaged, absolutely perfect when arrived. Fast delivery. Thank you"

Marian Dragan

You made this Monday the best ever! The books have arrived earlier than I expected! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Ancuta Nardeto

We read ... to escape the daily routine, to relax, or to make ”our own movie inside our heads”- the important thing is to read! In English or in Romanian, on a tablet, a mobile phone or a ”real” book. Thank you for giving me the chance to read in Romanian language!

Sofia Popescu

You are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy sky! Thank you!

Paula Elena Stamate

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